Beckhoff at Automatica 2016

TwinCAT solutions for IoT and Industrie 4.0

At the Beckhoff booth we will show the full range of our PC-based automation solutions – from integration of robot kinematics to the secure and easy integration of cloud services. Special focus areas will include foundational technologies and ready-to-use products for Industrie 4.0: TwinCAT Analytics stores process data for each cycle, which can then be used as a basis for comprehensive analyses. TwinCAT IoT supports established protocols for cloud communication and provides an easy-to-configure connection between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services. Other innovations include EtherCAT P, TwinCAT HMI and the new generation of high-end measurement devices.

Fast, easy, and expandable: TwinCAT HMI

With TwinCAT HMI software, Beckhoff has ushered in the next generation of HMIs. Instead of using proprietary systems for engineering and communications Beckhoff relies on IT standards such as Visual Studio® for engineering, HTML5 for design, plus TLS for secure communications. The user interface runs on any HTML5-enabled browser, regardless of operating system, resolution or display type. TwinCAT HMI

Fast, easy, and expandable: TwinCAT HMI

Many-core control: 36 processor cores for maximum computing power

In response to the demands posed by Industrie 4.0 for implementing a Smart Factory, Beckhoff has designed the many-core industrial server with up to 36 cores. With many-core machine control, additional control functions can be executed on a single CPU – not only conventional PLC and motion control, but also image processing for vision systems, condition monitoring, energy data management or robotics. This new level of computing power can be fully leveraged with TwinCAT 3.1. Many-Core control

Many-core control: 36 processor cores for maximum computing power
Compact multi-axis servo system: AX8000

Compact multi-axis servo system: AX8000

The modular AX8000 system is designed as a drive control system and fulfils highest requirements in terms of control speed and precision as well as space utilisation.

  • Extremely short control cycles
  • Compact design
  • Fast assembly and start-up of axis modules
  • One Cable Technology (OCT)
  • Direct integration of safety and mains filter


TwinCAT Analytics, TwinCAT IoT

Complete acquisition and analysis of process data: TwinCAT Analytics.

The Smart Factory introduces many diverse requirements: Online and offline state analysis, predictive maintenance, pattern recognition, machine optimisation and long-term data archiving. This requires data capture to be as continuous as possible and in sync with the processing cycle. That is exactly why Beckhoff developed TwinCAT Analytics software. All process data can be provided as needed, either locally or as a cloud-based solution on a server, whether in your own corporate network or a public cloud.
TwinCAT Analytics

For fast and standardised cloud communication: TwinCAT IoT

With its new TwinCAT IoT solution, Beckhoff supports standardised protocols for cloud communications and for sending push messages to smart devices. Quick and easy to configure, TwinCAT IoT provides a variety of functions for exchanging process data via widely used communication protocols such as AMQP, MQTT, and OPC UA, and for accessing special data and communication services that belong either to public clouds or local systems.

One Cable Automation for the field level: EtherCAT P.

EtherCAT P integrates EtherCAT communication and power supply for the system and peripherals into a single cable. In addition, EtherCAT P enables the transmission of power directly via the subscribers. The winning combination of high performance and flexibility, coupled with the unlimited choice of topologies inherent to EtherCAT, makes this one-cable solution the optimal bus system for sensors, actuators and measuring technology:

  • Separate power supply lines are eliminated
  • Hardware and installation costs are reduced.
  • Installation space in drag chains, control cabinets and machines is minimised.
EtherCAT P
One Cable Automation for the field level: EtherCAT P.

Fair information

Munich, Germany
21 – 24 June 2016
Hall B6, Booth 320

Site Plan Automatica

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Beckhoff main booth:

  • Hall B6, Booth 320

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  • ITQ joint booth:
    Hall B4, Booth 202
  • OPC Foundation:
    Hall B4, Booth 218
  • SAP:
    Hall B4, Booth 320

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  • Tuesday – Friday:
    9 am – 5 pm