Beckhoff at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

Realise the advantages of Industrie 4.0 for wind energy!

In the new TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework, Beckhoff bundles its expertise in the wind industry and makes advanced Industrie 4.0 concepts also available to wind energy applications. The modular software package contains functions and tools for object-oriented and modular engineering, secure horizontal and vertical communication and optimised data processing. The Wind Framework enables wind turbine manufacturers to program their systems quickly and conveniently themselves. It includes all essential functionalities of automation software for wind turbines and offers support for development, commissioning and operation. The result is efficient engineering, faster time-to-market and the use of Industrie 4.0 features for wind energy.

Wind industry expertise from more than 45,000 systems

The TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework incorporates our experience as a team of global automation specialists for customer-specific application development in the field of wind turbines:

  • Future-proof standard application software
  • Simplified engineering
  • Secure and efficient software development
  • Increased software quality and optimised reusability
  • Significantly reduced time-to-market
Wind industry expertise from more than 45,000 systems

From Industrie 4.0 to Wind 4.0.

With the TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework, Beckhoff makes the benefits of Industrie 4.0 available to the wind energy industry:

From Industrie 4.0 to Wind 4.0.
Big Data
Optimised preparation, availability, and processing of all relevant data in real-time for system operators and manufacturers
  • Data collection and Data Warehousing
  • Data analysis and Data Mining
  • Power and Condition Monitoring
Secure vertical and horizontal communications
  • Support for all relevant bus systems (EtherCAT, Ethernet, PROFIBUS, etc.)
  • Comprehensive messaging/connectivity (ADS, OPC UA, live diagnostics, etc.)
Comprehensive and integrated engineering throughout the lifecycle of the installation
  • IEC 61131-3, C/C++, MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Object orientation, modularisation
  • Data exchange between engineering tools
  • Automated engineering

All-in-one tool: TwinCAT Wind functions

The application template reduces development effort and allows modular engineering. TwinCAT modules encapsulate the functionality in easy-to-use function blocks. All important basic functions for wind turbines are already included:

  • Operational management, state machine
  • Event management
  • Parameter configuration
  • Database connection, capture and trace
  • User administration
  • Power and Condition Monitoring
  • Simulation
  • ...
All-in-one tool: TwinCAT Wind functions
Integrated Condition Monitoring

Integrated Condition Monitoring

Operation and maintenance of modern wind turbines cause substantial costs. For the monitoring of critical components, Beckhoff offers high-frequency acquisition of raw data from accelerometers and strain gauges. These data are captured synchronously (<<1 μs) with other system data, e.g. power and speed. Subsequently, the data can be evaluated independently by third-party providers and made available to everyone concerned. The high degree of system integration considerably reduces the costs of Condition Monitoring. Experience also a live demonstration of our latest EL3751 measurement terminal at our trade show booth. Condition Monitoring, EL3751

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